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Situated in the middle of South Karelia, Ruokolahti is the largest municipality in the Southern Finland in terms of its surface area. Immensely rich in waterways, Ruokolahti has about 6.000 permanent residents inhabiting its 1.759 km of shoreline. During the holiday months, holidaymakers flocking to the 3.000 summerhouses in the municipality easily double the number of inhabitants. With its Karelian joie de vivre and its annual Woman of the Year ceremony (Ruokolahden Eukko) to honour a distinguished local lady, Ruokolahti is a vibrant and thriving community.

With over 100 km of hiking and canoeing routes, Ruokolahti offers excellent facilities for outdoor pursuits. The routes feature several resting places and basic accommodation for overnight stays. The splendid natural attractions of Ruokolahti and its surrounding areas are expertly managed by a growing number of firms specialising in guided, hiking and adventure holidays.

For those keen on the cultural aspects of their holiday, the ancient landscape of Ruokolahti offers much of interest both historically and culturally. The local archaeology provides some fascinating insights into the past; and the historical Rantalinna Castle with its Art Nouveau construction and the famous Ruokolahti Church Hill with its church and bell tower are just waiting to be explored. Local events generally take place in the new library or in the Ruokolahti Hall of the Jaakkima Christian Institute.

For those interested in exploring the attractions of Vyborg and St. Petersburg just across the Russian border, the Imatra Border-Crossing Point is a mere 20 kilometres away!

Hiking route systems

Hukkavuori hiking trail, Oritlampi fitness trail, Puntala’s ‘Cat Tour’, Olli’s trail, Salosaari Nature Trail, hiking trail from Imatra to Rautjärvi, Lääväkorpi trail and Torsanjoki natural trail.

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