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S-market (Imatra area)

Are you looking for a grocery store where shopping is always quick and easy, the prices are low and the selection is wide? It’s easy to find everything you need from the spacious and bright S-market stores.

There are several S-markets in the Imatra region; whether you are in the centre or on your way to a summerhouse, an S-market is always close by. S-markets in the area are listed below:

S-market Imatrankoski
Olavinkatu 8, 55100 Imatra

S-market Vuoksenniska
Valvatinkatu 3, 55800 Imatra

S-market Parikkala
Parikkalantie 17, 59100 Parikkala

S-market Simpele
Roihankatu 3, 56800 Simpele

S-market Punkaharju
Kauppatie 10, 58500 Punkaharju

S-market Rajapatsas
Ensontie 43, 55610 Imatra

S-market Ruokolahti
Liisanpolku 2, 56100 Ruokolahti


See the opening hours: eekoo.fi


S-market (Imatra area)
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