Cottages – The proper way to experience Finland

Not for everyone, but still for most.
Enjoy the Spring and nature to the fullest by renting a cottage.

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Need for Speed

 A motorized safari in Finland?  Oh, for sure!
Experience the nature with the quickness of a gazelle.

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Takes your breath away

Go with the flow.
Dry-suit floating is the best way to experience Saimaa

Hop on to the water


A quick trip to St. Petersburg

One holiday, two countries.
St. Petersburg is near and well worth a visit.

How to plan your trip


Holiday packages and offers from Lappeenranta and Imatra region
How to get to South Karelia?

How to get here

Lappeenranta and Imatra region is located near the Russian border only a couple of hours away from the Finnish capital Helsinki. 
From Helsinki you can easily get here by train, bus or car within just a few hours.  Public transport is easy and affordable way of travelling in Finland.
You can travel visa-free to Russia from Lappeenranta and combine the beautiful lakeland nature with the cultural metropol of St. Petersburg.

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Experience wonderful winter at Lake Saimaa

The beautiful Lakeland Finland will definitely take your breath away. The tourist information offices will be happy to help you to get the most out of your holiday.

The Saimaa area does not quiet down for winter. As nature gets dressed up in its winter gear, the curtain of Saimaa pulls back to unveil completely new opportunities. When it gets freezing, you can go skating on the lake; but there is no need to forget about tricking the fish. As rowing boats rest for the winter, skates and skis are fetched from summer storages.

There are countless ways to enjoy the winter in the Saimaa area!


A popular Visit Finland's Finngenerator will choose you a Finnish name based on your own. Finnish names derive from nature and mythology, thus look for hints it gives you!

Let the destiny choose your Finnish name!