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The 4 seasons of Lake Saimaa

The 4 seasons of Lake Saimaa – 4 distinctly different travel experiences

Autumn SEP – OCT – NOV  –15°C...20°C
Oh Autumn, the season which many claim to love, but only like it because the spectacular colors make for an awesome background for selfies. Well we’re about to tell you that Autumn in Finland is so much more than just finding the perfect spot to snap a new picture on your Instagram. While the Fall colours, or Ruska as we say in here, are truly a delight, why not try berry and mushroom picking while also taking in the beautiful nature?

Winter  DEC – JAN – FEB –35°C...10°C
Contrary to the popular belief, the temperature isn’t always freezing here in Finland. But it does get quite cold in here during winter – which is great! During winter the snow and frost create amazing opportunities for skating, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and winter fishing. Also, remember to listen to the silence of the wintertime nature, gaze at the pure white snow, build a snowman – or if you’re feeling especially courageous, try ice swimming.

Spring MAR – APR – MAY  –20°C...20°C
Alright, don’t think that us Finns treat Spring like an afterthought, just some empty space between the icy winter and steamy summer. No, no, no my friend, Spring is the season we appreciate the most. Why? – well the retreating ice, sparkling waves and budding nature are all reasons to be extra cheerful. Also while we’re being boastful, Lake Saimaa is at it’s best during this time of the year, especially if you’re looking to do some hiking, camping or fishing trips.

Summer JUN – JUL – AUG  17°C...35°C
What you first may notice is that the quoted temperatures might be slightly exaggerated. While we certainly sometimes may have even 35 C, it is a safe bet that on most days it’s closer to the lower end of aforementioned scale… or even lower. But who cares right? Summertime in Saimaa is full of steamy activities to keep you warm enough: golfing, fishing expeditions, canoeing, hiking, horse riding and tennis, just to name a few.
The 4 seasons of Lake Saimaa
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