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The two routes from Lappeenranta to Taipalsaari are both unique embankment roads across Lake Saimaa. Such novel approaches will tell you just how much of this beautiful parish in fact consists of water! Let your eyes drink in the blue lake and its countless islands - a truly rich tapestry of magnificent scenery awaits you here.В There is plenty of scope here for watersports enthusiasts: choose from swimming followed by sauna, or from surfing and rowing - in fact, there is nothing to stop you from participating in the annual Taipalsaaren Soutu rowing event.

Taipalsaari: half land, half Lake Saimaa

You can also try your hand at tennis, or keep-fit exercises, or just opt for a stroll in the glorious surroundings. There is no shortage of sumptuous walking routes or breathtaking panoramas in the area - the Pikku Punkaharju ridge and Linnavuori Hill are both renowned for their ravishing scenic beauty. The traditional Taipalsaari Festival offers the opportunity to meet both locals and summer residents and to enjoy the varied festival programme - not to mention sampling a wide range of local delicacies.

The waterways in Taipalsaari have traditionally provided the most convenient form of transport. The steamship heritage is an essential part of local history and you can delve deeper into it in the fascinating Röytty House Museum. There are also rowing boats, or even old "church boats", for hire, and from the water you will relish a different, but equally beautiful, view of the area. Taipalsaari is home to the rare Saimaa Ringed Seal. Additionally, the municipality is planning to build a nature centre, "Norpankoti", on the southern shore of Lake Saimaa where you will be able to explore the wonders of the underwater world.

Fish soup is the traditional dish of Taipalsaari, but in summer nothing surpasses fish freshly caught and cooked on the beach! Fishing is a popular pastime and good catches are virtually guaranteed. Or if you prefer more excitement, why not try your hand at seine-fishing or join an angling competition? But if all that fails and you're really out of luck, well, the local fishermen are always happy to oblige!

Rent a cottage by Lake Saimaa for a few weeks or stay at the holiday villages and enjoy the organised activity packages. If fishing is your thing, try a guided fishing trip with Saimaan Paula, winner of the 2005 Fishing Tourism Award. Or why not go biking along the Saimaa biking route through the scenic Kyläniemi area.

The Cowshed Gallery at the Röytty Local History Centre offers local handicrafts for sale.

The Taipalsaari Festival and Taipalsaari Rowing Event take place at the end of June and at the beginning of July.

"Lake Saimaa is more than water for the people of Taipalsaari...it is their fields, and also their highway"

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