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Valkinhovi is a hundred years old unique Finnish farmhouse that was originally private recreational estate. Past 40 decades it has been in accommodation business, located in very rural area, like frontier type of nature, where you can hardly see other people. Between the lakes and forest, nature is always present, and we build our mission on it. This hectic information era, climate change and other stress pointing out that we should remember that also we are part of nature and depend on it. Valkinhovi is offering you that possibility, but it is up to you, if you can push that famous “red button” off on your device and start to observe and find serenity.

Versatile facilities follow old-fashion style

The Main House has seven bedrooms, which some are single some double. If you rent the whole house, then you can add Lord & Lady of the House, only bedroom on the first floor. The house has big country kitchen with original wood burning oven and stove – also modern appliances exist, even they look old, thanks to our State Museum Facility. First floor has also Hall, Library and Sunroom. The laundry room is in the basement.

On the yard courtyard there are two old (looks only outside) sheds, that are equipped with heating, floor to floor carpet, two electric beds and décor has inspiration from different countries – so in the middle of Finland you can sleep in Brazil or Tanzania for example, six different countries. More traditional shed is Bridal Shed, with double bedroom and single bedroom – they have different keys in case if the single one is his mother in law. All sheds have access to kitchen, fire pit cooking possibilities, Greenhouse and International Sauna 600 yards away, which is short trip if you happen to travel to Finland and sleep in Japan.

Surrounded by many interesting sights and things to do

Around the Main House and whole property has lot of other buildings with activities and interesting artifacts from the past. It is also good to know that since we respect nature, we have many composting out-houses and biological wastewater system and old small Arboretum. In the middle of the property is Aunt Anelmas Village, where we are currently renovating two houses, one for 30’s and the other one for 50’s. The original wood burning sauna is available for guests.

On the South end of the property, by the lake, is Lake Kotajärvi, where is International Sauna, wood heated all way – no showers. On the other side of the lake is Hovi Dreams, the newest building, completed 2014. It is more modern log house with electric sauna, all other bells and whistles, wood heated jacuzzi, Log Summer Kitchen and fire pit.

If you really want to have very private sauna moment, then you can walk through the forest to Lake Hirvijärvi, where you have to get the water from the lake and heated on the wood burning sauna stove. I do not mind, if you split some firewood too, while you are waiting it to warm up. It is much more relaxing than sweeping your smart phone – my opinion only. Valkinhovi has it’s own Lake Saimaa Beach with boat dock and ramp for the getting your boat in and out of the lake. There is also half of a little island nearby I have never had enough time to visit. Maybe you can go and tell me what is in there.

Anyways, history and nature are everywhere at Valkinhovi and surrounding areas. Kummakivi, huge ice-age erratic boulder that has been sitting on the top of bed rock past 6000 years and looks like it is about to fall in any minute. Due to Swedish Kingdom and Russian Empire there are also lot of reminders of then superpowers who change the border lines frequently. Did I remember to mention wolves, brown bears, moose, vipers, rabbits and all other dangerous animals? Yes, but not too many other people. Good.

Our mission is to provide quality accommodation and a little push to understand our “Then and Now” philosophy. Development is always positive: progress, improvement, advancement -or is it? I admit that it is easier turn the thermostat up than go to the forest, cut down a tree with ax, split it, wait a year them to dry and enjoy your fireplace. But the ordinary people did that hundred years ago for us to have all this free time to enjoy our gadgets. I think it is good to know where we are coming – and try it in very safe environment.

For more information call me +358 50 5976 601 or send me email timo.ruuska@valkinhovi.fi

Valkinhovintie 25
Tel. +358 50 5976 601


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