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D.E.D. Europaeus museo

D.E.D. Europaeus museum displays a life of David Emmanuel Europaeus, a great man from Savitaipale. The museum is located to Olkkolan Hovi. D.E.D. Europaeus was born in 1820 and died in 1884. He collected folk poems, he was linguistic and archeologist. Europaeus associated with intelligentsia of his time, like Elias Lönnrot, but also with ordinary people. The museum presents Europaeus' workroom and items that belonged to Europaeus. The history of Savitaipale and Olkkolan Hovi are also on display.

Open to groups by prior arrangement in the summer.

D.E.D. Europaeus museo
Olkkolantie 2, Olkkolan Hovi
Tel. +358 (0)5 616 2256


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