Kollaa ja Simo Häyhä museum specialized in the Winter War (1939-1940). The museum is located in Rautjärvi, at Miettilä’s historical garrison area. Museum has the world's largest collection of Simo Häyhä, the best sniper of all time. The Simo Häyhä, Winter War and Battle of Kollaa collections include items such as guns, garments and photographs.

The museum was reformed in 2017 when the Kollaa museum, founded in the 80’s, became Kollaa and Simo Häyhä -museum. Museum is now located at Miettilä’s historical garrison area, where Häyhä got his military gun training in the 1930’s.

Guided tours are available at the museum on Sundays and on request. Museum supervisor is available from Tuesday to Saturday.
Guided tours available for groups from March to May and from September to October.
If you wish to visit the museum outside of these times, please e-mail: rautjarvenmatkailu(at)gmail.com.

Tickets 2,50 €/person
Guided tour 50 €/h + 2,50 €/person


The museum has a permanent exhibition of the world’s best sniper Simo Häyhä, aka “the White Death”, who was born in Rautjärvi in 1905. Miettilä’s historical garrison area, the museums location, is the place where Häyhä got his first military gun training in the 1930’s. The garrison area is also home for the local history museum of Rautjärvi.

Museums collection of Häyhä is the largest in the world and it includes items such as hunting and military weapons, personal items, photographs and other interesting articles.

The museum also has an exhibition of the Winter War’s Battle of Kollaa. On display are genuine items like garments and photographs. The exhibition also has a memorial token for soldiers fallen in the battle of Kollaa and charts that reflect how the battles progressed.


The museum guides are leading experts of Simo Häyhä and the Winter War. Museum guides have, for example, written publications of said topics, visited the scenes of the Battle of Kollaa multiple times and personally interviewed Simo Häyhä. Guided tours offer the best experience possible for visitors that want to get an in depth look into the subjects.

One of the museum rooms is decorated into a 1930’s and 1940’s fashion home with all of the necessary home items. In this room one can take a look at the Finnish homes and lifestyle back then. Per request the museum visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and traditional sweet baked rolls here.

Welcome to Rautjärvi and the interesting world of war history!

Kuntalanraitti 32


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