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Salpalinja fortifications

Salpalinja constructions from the years 1941-44 in eastern parts of Luumäki. Salpalinja forms Finland’s largest line of defence. The building of the fortifications was begun in 1940-41 by order of Marshall Mannerheim, then the Supreme Commander of the Finnish Army. The Salpalinja is made of over 1200 kilometres of  reinforced concrete, wood, barbed wire and stone. The reconstructed bunkers in Luumäki, Lemi, Roukolahti and Ylämaa are worth to visit.

The purpose of the fortification system was to protect Finland’s eastern frontier.
During the construction period, the fortification system represented the largest building site in Finland: over 35000 men worked there, with 2000 women supplying the builders with provisions. Salpalinja stretched all the way to the northern frontier of Finland, and full advantage was taken of the contours of the terrain in the course of its construction. The fortified section which remains in Luumäki features a variety of tank traps, and dugouts used by the soldiers of the Finnish Army.

Salpa-asema is situated in Luumäki, right next to Highway 6. At this fascinating site, the visitor has the opportunity to explore the comprehensive fortification system dating from the days of the Continuation War (1941-44). The Salpalinja Fortifications are open in summer, and by prior arrangement.
(Text: South Karelia Museum Portal/ South Karelian Museum)

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Salpalinja fortifications
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