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Northern lights

(Picture: VisitFinland)

The northern lights dancing up above is such a powerful and unique natural phenomenon. Finland is one of the best places to spot the lights. In northern Lapland the lights shine about every other clear night between September and March. But it is possible to see that shine also in Lappeenranta and Imatra region. In southern Finland they are visible on about 10-20 nights a year.

Northern lights are caused by electronically charged particles originating from the sun. Multi-coloured displays form when different atmospheric gases are agitated by this solar wind.

How to catch northern lights?

  • Look to the stars. If the night sky is clear and starry, your chances to see the northern lights are good.
  • Stay outside. The lights might unexpectedly appear and just as suddenly vanish any time from just after sunset to the moment before dawn.
  • Wrap up warm. It tends to be very chilly on the clear winter nights when the lights are most easily seen.

Source: VisitFinland.com

Enjoy the best – northern lights (video)

Northern lights
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