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Rimpsu is a new handmade food product from a local country girl that is based on a traditional family recipe of the Karelian pie. The specialties of these pies are fresh ingredients and seasonal thinking that highlight the traditional way of baking authentic Karelian pies. Back in the old days the crust of the pies was meant to protect the filling (porridge) when working in the forest or going for a long trade journey.

We use organic rye flour for the crust and serve the product warm which gives it a delicious toasty flavor. Rimpsu is always topped with fresh and mostly organic Finnish ingredients and the filling is made of nutritious, shell-less barley that has been cultivated in Finland as early as 1800th century.

If you want to take the real South Karelian tastes back home with you, the same tasty pies without the toppings are sold in local supermarkets. Starting from June you are able to buy them also from shops in Helsinki. You will find the up-to-date supermarkets from here.

Café Rimpsu-Reetta will serve customers in the beautiful city center of Imatra next to Bar & Café Kuohu, Valtionhotelli and the rapids during the summer season. You are able to order any of our products for parties and events around the year however.

We have sweet and salty versions available and completely vegan options as well. You will want to try them out with different types of beverages, hot or cold from coffee to champagne.

You will find the opening times from here.
Imatrankoskientie 1
Tel. +358 50 325 3508


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