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Museums and exhibitions

Imatra Art Museum
1600 artworks focusing on Finnish visual arts
Imatra Town museum
Exhibitions presenting the various phases of the Imatra region
Cultural centre Virta
Ideal setting for cultural events, celebrations, conferences and exhibitions
Lappeenranta Art Museum
Finnish art from the mid 19th century to the present day
Cavalry Museum
History of the Finnish cavalry
Create unforgettable experiences in SAIMAARIUM
Wolkoff’s House Museum
Unique history of Lappeenranta
Saimaa Canal Museum
Insight into the construction work of the Saimaa Canal
The Industrial Workers’ Housing Museum
Historical housing museum
‘Hiljan piha’ 19th century Karelian country yard
Authentic Karelian farm from the 19th century
Hakamäki area
Experience country milieu in Hakamäki
South Karelia Museum
History of South Karelia from the Middle Ages to this day
D. E. D. Europaeus museum
Life stages and extensive life’s work of archaeologist D. E. D. Europeaus
Border Museum Immola
History of the borders in Finland and the Finnish border guards
Nuijamaa Parish Museum
Parish Museum located in the border area between Finland and Russia
Café Röytty
Former 17th century military residence turned into a café
Kollaa and Simo Häyhä Museum
Battles of Kollaa during the Winter War and the life of sniper Simo Häyhä
Church Builders Museum
Works of the famous Savitaipale church builders
Ylämaa Gem Museum
Come and see the magnificent gems of Ylämaa
Lotta Museum
Explore the items of Second World War organization Lotta Svärd
Aviation Museum of Karelia
Ideal place to visit for those interested in aviation
South Karelian motor museum
A comprehensive view of Finnish motor history
Kotkaniemi – the home museum of President P.E. Svinhufvud
The former home of President P. E. Svinhufvud
Lappeenranta Etela-Suomen Laani Finland
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