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Saimaa invites you to a canoeing trek!

The Lappeenranta and Imatra region offers several canoeing routes, marked on maps. For beginners, sheltered shores are found for more relaxed progress, and there are more demanding routes for more experienced canoeists in the lake and strait sections. You can go canoeing independently with the Finnish archipelago scenery as your goal, but you will get the best idea of the waters of the Saimaa with the help of a local guide.

Close to Imatra

  1. In the vicinity of Imatran Kylpylä Spa and the Rauha area, you can canoe along the shores, admiring the boathouses, or around nearby islands.
  2. The 110-km Ruokolahti Canoe Trail first follows small lakes, then runs along a river, through historical canals and the open waters of Saimaa, and ends in the centre of Ruokolahti.

Close to Lappeenranta

  1. If you canoe in the Lappeenranta town bay, you can take a break at a lean-to shelter. Remember to watch out for boats and ships!
  2. The Alajoki Trail is 19 km long and includes five rapids. You can paddle this trail in early summer when the water is high.
  3. Pien-Saimaa is a perfect destination for a brisk day paddle, as there are several places for landing along the trail.
  4. The Väliväylä Canoe Trail from Lappeenranta to Kouvola takes 4–8 days to paddle. You can spend the nights in lean-to shelters. Väliväylä is also a great day-trip destination. The Kannuskoski area, in particular, offers lovely trails and lots of rest points.
  5. Lake Kuolimo paddling route is 40-60 kilometres long canoeing route around Lake Kuolimo and Lake Suomijärvi.

Landing points in Saimaa

  • Ruuhonsaaret: visitor berths, an opportunity to go to a sauna and barbecue
  • Rastiniemi: a campfire site and beach
  • Ilkonsaari: two natural harbours – a rocky shore in the south and a sandy bay in the middle
  • Satamosaari: a sauna and barbecue
  • Ruohosaari: a lean-to shelter, campfire site and small beach
  • Karhusaari: a lean-to shelter and campfire site
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