St. Petersburg

How to get there?

St. Petersburg is located near to the Finnish-Russian border, just 213 km from Lappeenranta and Imatra. St. Petersburg is easy to reach from South Karelia – by boat from Lappeenranta along the Saimaa Canal to Vyborg, as well as by bus or train, and even by ones own car. The novelty of this summer are the visa free boat trips from Lappeenranta to Vyborg on m/s Carelia! If you wish you can easily continue your journey from Vyborg to the metropolis of St. Petersburg by bus or train.

The train connection from Lappeenranta to St. Petersburg departs from Vainikkala railwaystation, which is about a 20 min drive from the city centre. There is also a taxi connection from Lappeenranta central railway/bus station to Vainikkala railway station. Please check the train timetable online.

What to do there?

What not to do there? Hope you have scheduled enough time to explore this great city! St.Petersburg offers unfogettable architecture and historical sights (such as the Hermitage), as well as great shopping and high class musical and theatre performances – not to forget the culinaristic delicacies of local or foreign kitchen.

Who can help?

In order to book a trip to Vyborg or St. Petersburg, please contact Saimaa Travel in Lappeenranta – you can travel on your own or together with a group. On Saimaa Travel website you will find all the different options of trips and they can also arrange the visa for you and the rest of the family/group.

St. Petersburg


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