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Lappeenranta Sandcastle 4.6.–31.8.

This attraction has charmed and wowed visitors for over ten years since it swallows more than three million kilos of sand every year. The area with its amusement rides and activities will be open to the public from 4 June to 31 August.

The theme of this year’s Sand Castle is Finland 200 years. The theme is both a celebration of 100 years of Finnish independence as well as a look 100 years to the future. The Sandcastle area will be full of visions of how this country will look like 100 years from now. Planning of the Sandcastle sculptures will be organized in co-operation with local schools, thus made by those who will live in that future.

Sandcastle is also the starting and finishing point of the Street train that will take you around the streets and harbor.

The street train is in operation 4 June–13 Aug, 19–20 and 26–27 Aug
Departure every hour from the Sandcastle, Mon 12 am–5 pm, Tue–Sun 11 am–5 pm.
adult €5, children €2, family ticket €10 (2 adults + 2 children), day ticket adult €7, children €3.
It´s a hop-on/hop-off service: you can leave the train at any of the stops.

The sculptures are made by packing sand into frames, using only water and compressor. After packing, the masters work on their pieces of art from top to the bottom, removing the frames as the work progresses. There's nothing else but water mixed in the sand, however it must be a specific, suitable for sculpting kind of sand. Surface of a ready sculpture is hardened by using glue mixed with water. The sculptures last well in normal rainy weather, however if rain continues for a long period of time, or it's particularly strong, sculptures may be damaged and need to be repaired. In optimal weather conditions sculptures can last for very long period of time, but if the glue-hardened surface is broken, the sculpture collapses quite rapidly. Thus, please do not touch the sand sculptures!

Sandcastle themes over the years:

  • 2004 Medieval castle
  • 2005 Jungle
  • 2006 Sea adventure and EU sights
  • 2007 Space
  • 2008 Wild West
  • 2009 Fairytale castle
  • 2010 Dinosaurus, smoking volcano, stoneage man
  • 2011 Circus
  • 2012 Wildman shore
  • 2013 Kaleva (national epic of Finland)
  • 2014 World of music
  • 2015 Heroes
  • 2016 Knight Castle
  • 2017 Finland after 100 years

Area is open daily 10 am–9 pm, free entry.

Lappeenranta tourist information opening hours 2017:
4.6.-25.6. & 1.8.-31.8. daily 10 am - 6 pm
26.6.-31.7. daily 10 am - 8 pm

Bike, kayk, rowing boat and SUP board hire also available at the Sandcastle during the opening hours of the tourist information. See the price list here.

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