Lappeenranta Sandcastle is going for a world record in its 15th summer

4/8/2018 6:22 PM

This coming summer, the Sandcastle will be erected for the 15th time on the fortress headland in Lappeenranta. To celebrate this, the Sandcastle will reach for record heights, as the goal is to design and build the world’s highest sandcastle.

According to Mirka Rahman, the City of Lappeenranta’s Tourism Director, the record castle will stand 18 metres tall.

“We want to make the anniversary year special and offer more activities to our visitors. We will make the Sandcastle a kind of a horn of plenty. In the spirit of the world record, this year's theme is ‘the World’s tallest Sandcastle’”.

“The Sandcastle area will reflect the theme year of European cultural history. The collection of around 100 sculptures will include all the Finnish castles and the Vyborg Castle, as well as other tourist attractions from the Lake Saimaa region and from the neighbouring Russia. And we have not forgotten about the FIFA World Cup in Russia”.

In order to reach the world record, an extra million kilos of sand will be brought to the Sandcastle. Rahman says that, to celebrate the cultural heritage theme year, sand will also be brought in from Athens and Milan, the Ryanair destinations.

“The Milan and Athens cooperation with Ryanair enables us to bring in sand from further afield. In keeping with the theme, the idea is to use this sand to build sites from Milan and Athens, such as the Acropolis”.

In the past, the Sandcastle has been completed by the opening day, but this year the sculpturing work will continue until July. The record castle will be finished in mid-July. It will then be measured for the world record in cooperation with Lappeenranta University of Technology.

“As in previous years, professional sculptor Kimmo Frosti will be responsible for completing the sculptures and the record castle, together with sculptors from six countries.

“People are invited to watch as the work progresses on the record castle, and they will also be able to participate in the work during special sessions that are open to the public”. “Making the Lappeenranta Sandcastle reach record heights this summer will be a joint effort”, Rahman says, smiling.

The opening of the Lappeenranta Sandcastle will be on 9 June, and the area will be open until 2 September.